Skin Clinic

Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment, Not A Miracle

No one treatment or product will alone create healthy skin. Great skin needs to be approached from all areas – diet, lifestyle, a good home care routine and professional treatments… in fact 70% of your skincare is done at home and the other 30% in the salon is focused effort to reach the next level.

Our approach to skincare is long-term because your skin is the only thing you wear without fail every day of your life. A good way to think about skin health is like training at the gym – you only see the results with consistent regular effort.

Dedicated to Healthy Skin

At Bella & Me, we believe the best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin. We have spent years searching the market and selecting the most effective products and treatments for 360 degree skin health:

  • Advanced Skin Nutrition

  • Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup

Why Come to Bella & Me for Skincare?

  • Skincare Education: we invest time and money every month to keep our team up to date with what’s new in beauty.
  • Refine Your Homecare Routine: select products that are suitable for your skin type and build a daily ritual that nourishes and protects your skin.
  • Professional Treatments with State-of-the-Art Skincare Technologies: give your skin a boost with advanced salon treatments like Dermalux, Microneedling, Mesotherapy, Skin Peels & Facials.
  • Retail Shopping: we stock Image Skincare, Dermalogica, Advanced Skin Nutrition & Jane Iredale products. Our friendly team can help and advise on product selection.

Help & Advice On Your Skin Journey

There are thousands of products and hundreds of treatments on the market – it can be very confusing to know where to start. When a new client comes to us, we often find that their skincare routine is missing some key ingredients, so we offer all our customers a free skincare consultation where we:

  • Review your skin health
  • Look at your existing (or nonexistent!) homecare routine
  • Discuss your concerns
  • Make a plan to achieve the skin you want
  • Schedule repeat appointment to review your progress

Something for Everyone

We work with your budget and payment plans are available for our treatments and products to make great skin accessible to everyone.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!