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Our Journey So Far

Emily & Mary – Founders

“We’ve both worked in the beauty industry since we were teenagers, and of course we like to look our best too and have been customers of many other salons.  One thing that’s always bothered us is the transactional approach so many beauty providers have where they only focus on that day’s sale and not the longer-term customer relationship.

So when we started Bella & Me we decided to focus on ‘skincare as a journey’. With a consultation, plan, good treatments and product selection it’s possible to make lasting improvements in skin health over time. We keep detailed files on each client and our customers can expect a record of progression when they come to us regularly as part of their skincare regime.

Beauty & skincare is a dynamic industry with new treatments and products constantly coming to market. We are obsessed with education and skills training, and regularly attend external courses and seminars to keep learning what works (and avoid the hype!). We also do weekly in-house group training where we share our experience of what has come up to help each other and improve our customer experience.

Our new direction for 2018 and beyond will see us transition from a beauty salon to a ‘beauty & skin clinic’ with more advanced clinical treatments on offer, but keeping all the existing favourites with the same warm, friendly and welcoming vibe we work so hard to create for our customers.”

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Meet The Bellas


Best achievement: My 3 gorgeous boys and of course Bella & Me

Favourite treatment: Hands down it has to be skin health. I love nothing more than helping a client with their skin. I get so much satisfaction out of seeing progress and results whilst helping my client relax. I also am a tan perfectionist! Throw in a bit of specialised waxing and makeup and I’m happy.

Favourite things outside work: Family, friends, cocktails and prosecco.

Describe yourself: I’m pretty obsessed with eternal youth, so it’s no wonder I’m in the beauty industry. I’m very determined, love to have a laugh and never want to fully grow up!


Best achievement: Bella & Me

Favourite treatment: Holistic therapy and skin health. My passion in life is to bring people to that level of bliss and relaxation, through reflexology, massage & reiki. I adore bringing wellbeing to people’s lives. The satisfaction that comes from starting a skin care journey with a client and seeing their confidence grow visit after visit is what makes it all worthwhile. I love the buzz of a salon, chats, advice and the laughs, doing tans, nails, eyebrows – whatever it takes to put a smile on someone’s face.

Favourite things outside of work: Spending time with family & friends, time on my yoga mat, and the three big D’s – Dinner, Drinks & Dancing!

Describe yourself: Fun, driven and sensitive.

Media Mentions

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