I began my beauty career straight after secondary school In 2000… I can’t believe that’s 24 years ago- where do the years go! It’s safe to say.. the beauty industry has been a huge part of my life. I qualified at the ripe old age of 18 and instantly fell in love with life in a salon. I immediately loved Chatting to customers, growing relationships with my clients and uplifting them with my treatments. It’s buzzy atmosphere was my kinda vibe and I honestly worked 6/7 days a week for years..,

I spent the first few years of my career working and gaining experience in some Dublin and Kildare salons. I also spent a few years teaching- ipl, specialised waxing, hot stone massage, spray tanning.. I love so many elements to this wonderful industry! In 2007 I opened my first salon ‘Pritti nails and beauty’ this is the magic stomping ground I met Mary and a LOT of the clients I’m lucky enough to say we still have today.

Over the years the beauty industry has changed so much but from very early on facials and skin health were my forte… I loved helping clients relax and improving their skin. I still get the same buzz when clients feel relaxed, uplifted and refreshed after I give them a facial!

Nowadays there is so much science behind the ingredients and brands we use which I love! The results we can offer are another level. I also adore machines (it’s becoming quite the expensive addiction 😅..) I love mixing different modalities and ingredients to customise a bespoke facial for my clients. I love levelling my clients up and watching their skin and confidence improve each time I see them! I love to build relationships with my clients and work with them on their own concerns and goals. I understand there are times in life when clients can come very regularly for a specific goal or equally take a hiatus for whatever personal reason- I always welcome clients new and old ❤️

As a skin therapist I like to take things slow and steady with my clients. I don’t like to overwhelm the skin. The results always come but slow and steady always wins the race and I have always found this skin appreciates this approach.

I also have a particular interest in acne and in clients who find it hard to manage their ongoing breakouts. Perhaps as this has been something I have had to deal with on and off for most of my life. Breakouts and acne can be very upsetting and I love helping clients with the ups and downs skin can bring.

I like to take a 360 approach to seeing exactly what Is going on with my client I’m also a big believer that in order to offer real results this happens at a much deeper level when the body and mind relax and the client lets themselves switch off, so the body can rest, restore and regenerate.

I love learning new techniques and am forever trying to make sure I can offer my clients the best. It’s probably why my passion for the beauty industry has kept me so interested all of these years. I believe in the power of knowledge, I love training and we put a huge focus into this at Bella & me.

Life is so busy and people’s time is precious I ensure in the power of an hour and I love to pack as much as possible into your hour.

Bella & me has been nothing but a blessing.. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the team, clients and community we have built.. I still have the same fire in my belly since the day one and I’m very excited for the future.

Thank you always


Emily x


3 words to describe me

Fun, caring, determined


What I’ll be doing if I’m not in the salon.

You will find me racing around somewhere with one of my 4 children. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter who keep me on my toes. I adore horses and love spending any spare time at the yard with my kids!

Over the last year I have started reformer Pilates and I have to say I LOVE IT

I love any excuse to dress up and catch up with friends and family…


Fav food!

Thai.. all the way yum!


My favourite quotes of all time

“You can’t have a positive life with a negative mindset.”

“A grateful heart is a magnet 🧲 for miracles.”

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”