I’ve been working in the beauty industry for 12 years now. I began working in spas, which I loved but always felt like I wanted to progress further.

I moved into the Aesthetic industry in 2012, where I worked with Candela Medical Grade Laser and Ellipse IPL laser for two years on which I absolutely loved.

I’ve been very lucky throughout my career to be given the opportunities to train with such elite skin care brands such as Environ, Alumier, and Image, which has brought me to where I am today.

There’s nothing more exciting  than when I get a new client in, and we are able to work together to create a plan. I love getting new clients in for the initial consultation, creating their plans, and working towards their end goal.

Three words to describe my personality would be kind, honest, and very determined.

When I’m not at work, I’m home with my two kids, enjoying time with them both.

My favourite quote is – “I am honest about what I say, what I do, and who I am.”