The Dermalux is a unique ground breaking LED technology which is medically certified, clinically proven and backed by science.

LED phototherapy is the application of specific therapeutic light wave lengths which energize the cells. Due to the non-invasive nature, it is safe for all skin types all year round.

The LED energy transfer accelerates natural regeneration and repair, with no downtime or discomfort and will never transfer heat into the skin. Accelerating outstanding results for clients with damaged barriers, rosacea, acne and of course anti aging.

LED phototherapy is proven to work on skin rejuvenation, acne, pigmentation and wound healing .

Dermalux can be used in combination with other treatments. Skin needling, radio frequency, laser/IPL & injectables.

Dermalux accelerates recovery & reduces downtime by 50%.

Dermalux FAQs

Dermalux is a relaxing, pain free experience with evidenced wellbeing effects. It does not generate heat, but a natural warmth is common due to high blood circulation.

Typically we recommend a course of 12 depending on your skin condition. The closer together the treatment appointments the better the results… your therapist will best advice.

We also offer a course of 4 treatments – this is suitable for minor skin conditions.
This is very popular for brides/grooms to be to elevate their skin for their special day. The perfect preparation for an important occasion.

We also recommend individual stand alone dermalux between facials.

The Dermalux blue light(415nm) is clinically proven to destroy bacteria and improve skin clarity by calming the inflammation in the skin.

The Dermalux red light(633nm) supercharges cell energy to accelerate, repair and renewal, boost Collagen synthesis, increase hydration and enhance circulation. Ideal for resting vitality and glow.

The Dermalux near infrared light(830nm) targets deeper  cells to trigger the wound healing response, calms redness and irritation, reduce pigmentation & promote healing skin.