Digital Skin Consultation

We offer a 20-minute digital skin scanner consultation to get our clients started with their skin journey. With full guided support from our expert therapists.

At Bella & Me, we specialise with many skin care brands such as Alumier, Image & Environ in which we can tailor within each consultation.

Our skin consultations are in-depth treatments we start off by getting our clients to full consultation card prior to their treatment. We will complete a full assessment, which includes out state of the art skin analysis machine, the Observ 520.

Observ 520 had 10 comprehensive modes in which we can use to view and analyse the skins health from the deepest layer right through to the surface of the skin.

This allows our therapists to study any irregularities occurring in the skin, which allows us to create a tailored plan and a course of treatments to move forward, guiding the skin back to its natural balance.

I personally feel this interactive approach and care is a great way to build trust and rapport with all new and existing clients during their skin consultation.


520 Observ Skin Scan Consultation 

First Time Visit – Bespoke Facial with 520 Skin Scan

Bespoke first visit facial 70 mins €130

The perfect place to start or revisit your skin journey. Your therapist will use the Observ 520 skin scanner.. she will best advice home care and a treatment plan to help achieve your skin goals. You will also have a facial to begin your skin journey…